Fix the Highway Trust Fund!


Failure to properly fund the Highway Trust Fund has left the fate of the nation’s infrastructure in the balance. America needs Congress to act now to create reliable, robust, and routine funding that offers certainty about fixing our roads and bridges. Without action from Congress, the HTF will be broke as its out of date framework has failed to keep up with existing demands for growth and repair.

No bridge in America should be on the verge of collapse yet, for the first time in our nation’s history, our infrastructure has received failing grades and pales in comparison to the investment of other first world nations.


unleashing our economy

America's highway network needs an upgrade. The Partnership for America’s Economic Expressway is a vision for the future.

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Our Infrastructure Gets a D+

According to America's engineers, America earns a D+ based on the physical conditions and needed investments for improvement.

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history of the highway trust fund

Where the does the conversation stands on this important issue?

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history of infrastructure

More must be done to provide the certainty needed to make any meaningful progress towards fixing our nation's infrastructure.

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